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Diabetes is a major public health problem regionally and globally and is a leading cause of death in most countries. In 2019, the International Diabetes Federation estimated that 465 million (9.3%) people worldwide had diabetes, and by 2045, the number may rise to 700 million (10.9%). Similarly, the prevalence of pre-diabetes in adults was estimated to be 374 million (7.5%) people in 2019 and is predicted to increase to 548 million (8.6%) by 2045. The average life expectancy of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) decreases by approximately 10 years, and 80% of patients with T2DM die from cardiovascular complications. Furthermore, it was projected that between 2010 and 2030, there will be 69% more adults with diabetes in developing countries and 20% more in developed countries. Around 79% of people with diabetes live in low-income or middle-income countries, and more than 60% live in Asian countries. A progressive increase in the prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes has been observed both in urban and rural areas in South Asia, which is mostly due to lifestyle changes and the transition to urbanization and industrialization. The rising rate of diabetes and its associated health complications threaten to reverse economic gains in developing countries. Due to inadequate infrastructure for diabetes care, many developing countries will struggle to cope with this epidemic.

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For Accessible, Affordable and Quality Eye Care Service please contact with us. You can also support our project and activities for the most vulnerable community of Bangladesh.

Cataract lost my sight and it is difficult to move smoothly without assistance of others, but after operation I am comfortable in continuing my job and I can see everything clearly. So, it removes the burden of life by cataract surgery with support from ANDHERI HILFE

Yeasin Ali
Freedom Fighter, Chandpur, Bangladesh

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