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Operation Theatre and its attached Central Sterilization Service Department (CSSD) occupies a floor area of around 8,000 square ft. Six well equipped independent operating rooms cater around 50 surgeries a day. There are dedicated operation theatres for paediatric, anterior segment, posterior segment, extra ocular surgeries and teaching. The attached CSSD provides pre-packed system for each procedures.

Modular OT Services

The operation theatre is the heart of Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital. A team of skilled surgeons, nurses, OT Assistants and anesthesiologist operate on and care for patients in OT. BNSB Chandpur has 06 Modular Operation Theaters for doing septic and aseptic cases separately. These well-equipped independent operation theatres render high quality surgeries at affordable cost. 

Operation Theater Features:

Modular operation theatres Conventional optn. theatres
Uses a mixture of Fresh air and Recycled air Uses 100% Fresh air
Each Modular OT has a different Air conditioning system Uses a central air conditioning system
Laminar Air flow system Flow of air involves eddy currents
Anti-static flooring is an absolute requirement May not have anti-static flooring
Energy efficient up to 60% by using Recycled air Not energy efficient
Designed using 3D softwares as per international and National standards Designed using simple 2D CAD Design
Temperature and humidity control is localized in each Modular OT Due to centralized AC system localized temperature control is quite difficuly
Constructed by a single team of professionals who understands the mechanics of Operation theatre Constructed by multiple vendors at the time of hospital construction, hence control becomes quite difficult
Contains standardized instrument and Equipment. Quality control is easy Quality control is quite difficult when multiple vendors are used.

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