Quality School eye Health Program prevents blindness in Children

Tania Akhter is a 7-year-old girl who lives with her parents, in a rural village of Shahrasti Upazilla, under Chandpur district of Bangladesh. She reads in Class 02 in Debipur Government Primary School, Shahrasti, Chandpur. Like the majority of their community, the family farms their small plot of land to provide for themselves. Her Father Liakot Hossain is a rickshaw puller and her mother Sabina Yeasmin are a housewife and occasionally works as house maid to other relatives in the village. They were 02 bothers and 03 sisters and her parents earn their livelihood with great hardship to continue the education of their children. She is the youngest children of her family.

Sabina Yeasmin had noticed for a few Months that something was off with her daughter’s vision, particularly during his study. She became concerned for Tania’s ability to succeed in school and for her future. But due to financial hardship, she could not visit to any eye care facility for her daughter.

Fortunately for the people like Tania Akhter, ANDHERI HILFE Support Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital, Chandpur to organize School Sight Testing Program to Screen the school children at free of cost to identify and treat children in need of eye care. Also medical team counselled on food habits, hygiene and precautions to keep children healthy specially in vision. Accordingly, we found Tania Akhter of Village Karbanda, Post office: Mahamaya under Shahrasti Upazilla of Chandpur District. The medical team noticed some critical vision problems and headache on Tania’s eye and referred her to the Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital for better management. Sabina Yeasmin, who had never been visit to eye doctor before, was hesitant to seek eye care for her daughter but the medical team and school teacher eased her fears. To reassure Sabina Yeasmin, a school teacher brings Tania with others students to the eye hospital.

At the hospital, Dr. Farhan Ibn Latif, OPD Ophthalmologist examined Tania and noted her sign, visual acuity as VAR 6/18 and VAL 6/12 and symptoms including refractive error in her both eyes. After noting sign and symptoms, doctor advice for cyclo refraction and vision therapy at free of cost due to referred from SSTP.

As per patient’s history and examination report she was diagnosed as visually impaired and she advice to wear glasses regularly as per doctor’s prescription. Thanks to the generosity of ANDHERI HILFE and its donors for supporting School Sight Testing Program to early detection of Children’s eye problem to help school children and others by providing treatment, medicine and colorful spectacle at free of charge.

Now, Tania Akhter can read and write smoothly and hope she will be successful in school with the hope of one day becoming a teacher. Her parents were overjoyed and grateful that Tania can now pursue her dreams. She thanks ANDHERI HILFE and Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital for organizing School Sight Testing Program to ensure quality eye care for the school children.

School teachers and management of Debipur Government Primary School, Shahrasti, Chandpur thanks ANDHERI HILFE and Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital for this great initiative of screening children’s eye at school which is very important to prevent avoidable blindness in children. They are committed to refer the children who have eye problems and will regularly follow-up the children regarding wearing spectacles and update hospital about any problems in spectacle uptake during the year


August 2022
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