Our Approach

Mazharul Haque BSNB Eye Hospital, Chandpur is a 51 bed Advance Secondary Specialized Eye Hospital which was established on 0.025 acres of land in 1982 and registered under NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh, Dept. Of Social Welfare and Directorate General of Health Services as a Non Government Organization.


The confluence of seven values results in a ray that represents Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital’s leadership in Eye Healthcare. A ray that is the beacon for millions looking for a cure… looking for hope.

Quality Care

Always pursuing Quality, our Hospital envisions more efficient, equitable care at all levels of a patient’s experience. Through a consensus based process, clinical quality and efficiency measures meets the needs


We help companies dealing in consumer products create and present products that perfectly blend in with the zeitgeist.


We value a quality of presence and caring that accepts people as they are and fosters healing and wholeness


System effectiveness is built on the collective strength and cultural diversity of everyone, working with open communication and mutual respect.


We the Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital change the patient service quality and work to improve all we do in a fiscally responsible manner.

How can we help you?

For Accessible, Affordable and Quality Eye Care Service please contact with us. You can also support our project and activities for the most vulnerable community of Bangladesh.

Cataract lost my sight and it is difficult to move smoothly without assistance of others, but after operation I am comfortable in continuing my job and I can see everything clearly. So, it removes the burden of life by cataract surgery with support from ANDHERI HILFE

Yeasin Ali
Freedom Fighter, Chandpur, Bangladesh

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