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Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital

Mazharul Haque BSNB Eye Hospital, Chandpur is a 51 bed Advance Secondary Specialized Eye Hospital which was established on 0.025 acres of land in 1982 and registered under NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh, Dept. Of Social Welfare and Directorate General of Health Services as a Non Government Organization. The hospital is managed by 15 member’s executive committee which is elected in every 03 years. Currently 115 staffs working in the hospital including 14 Ophthalmologists and Medical Doctors, 41 Ophthalmic Paramedics in different Subspecialty of eye care like Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina, ROP, Pediatric, Oculoplasty.

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Since inception, Mazharul Haque BNSB Eye Hospital giving eye care
services round the year as stated its functions earlier. With these vast experiences we
have learnt the following viewpoints-

a) All kinds of Eye Care Treatment
b) Prevention of Eye Diseases
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c) Awareness program for the School Teachers about Primary Eye Care
d) Counseling and Motivation
e) Outreach program like Rural Remote Eye Camp to reach the treatment facilities to
the door steps of the underprivileged patients and School Sight Testing in order to
visual defect an eye aliments at an early stage.
f) Free treatment of poor patients service is being given by the hospital through
investigating the economically and social situation of poor patient.

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  1. Outreach program can be organized in limited scale maintaining safety measures
  2. Ensure safety for staff will ensure continuous patients service and ensure infection prevention
  3. Day care services for surgery service reduce risk of infectioN
  4. Laboratory examination like CRP, CBC will ease to screen primary stage of Diseases like COVID by own laboratory
  5. Demand based Supply ensure smooth functioning and financial management
  6. Tele-ophthalmology service is important for managing primary conditions and follow-up services

Vision Centers or fixed health facility are functional and effective method of patients screening and service delivery

How we work

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